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Please understand that although we can not solve your electrical problem over the phone, we will do our best to answer any of you electrical concerns that you may have.

Electrical panels/ sub panels: prices vary on manufacturer
Smoke detectors: start at $65.00
Home lighting and security lighting: basic prices start at $ 110.00 each (circuit wiring is additional)
Ceiling fan installation: start at $85.00 and up and each additional fan install $65.00 depending on the ceiling height. (fan and bracing not included)
Circuits/ wiring: prices start at $153.00 and $1.50- $3.00 ft. depending on materials, amperage, voltage and footage of the circuit
Outlet/ switch repair/ replace: prices start at $40.00 and up
Code corrections: prices vary, basic correction starts at $35.00 and up
Home electrical inspections: $120.00
Recessed lighting: $75.00 and up wiring is extra. (trim is additional)
Remodel/ new builds: available
Tenant improvements: available
Ballasts replaced: $113.90 and up depends on the voltage, style and height
Trouble shooting: $57.50 for basic and $150.00 for circuit wide
Breakers: $47.00 and up for a basic breaker (Zinsco, FPE, QO & bolt on not included)
Fuses: $35.00 and up
GFCIs: $47.00 and up
Dimmers: $55.00 and up depending on the dimmer you choose
Grounding electrode system: $273.00 and up includes 2 ground rods for 100-200 amp service
Hot tub and pool circuit and repair: prices vary depending on above ground circuit and underground, trench or wall circuit, attic crawl, damage to the circuit etc
Maintenance and testing: $35.00 and up
Pool motor seal tight replacement and rewire: $155.00 and up (whip only)
Replace all outlets and switches for basic homes: $600.00 and up (3 way switches and GFCIs additional cost. Up to 1000 sq ft home. Larger homes are additional)
Device rewire: $43.00 and up
Equipment hook ups (range, cook top, dryer, hot water heater, dishwasher, garbage disposal) pigtail: $87.00 and up
Low voltage and yard lighting: available
Please note that pricing for materials increase all the time and our basic pricing listed is for the most basic and available item. We will provide basic switches and receptacle outlets but we will not provide items such as your fan unless prior arrangements have been made.
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